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Kundalini Activation & Somatic Sessions

Discover the benefits of   Kundalini Activation Sessions. This transformative experience helps individuals tap into their inner wisdom and intuition. We offer private, group, and online activation sessions to help you achieve greater self-awareness, higher consciousness, and a deeper connection to the world around you. Explore our page to learn more about Kundalini Activation and how it can help you achieve spiritual growth and transformation.

private sessions

A private Kundalini activation session or somatic session offers a tailored, and personalized experience focused on your needs, leading to a transformative experience and promoting self-awareness, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection to the world.

Group Sessions

A group Kundalini activation session or group somatic session offers a shared transformative experience focused on building community and connection towards a shared intention, leading to increased feelings of joy, peace, gratitude, and belonging.

Online Sessions

An online Kundalini session or somatic online session provides convenient and personalized live guidance  from the comfort of your home, leading to transformative experiences of greater self-awareness, physical and emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Kundalini & Somatic Benefits


Unlocking life force energy revitalizes your being from within, enhancing vitality, passion, and enthusiasm for life while boosting your energy levels, booting sexual desire and motivation.


Reduction in stress and tension through nervous system regulation, relieving chronic pain, depression, and anxiety while improving sleep, relaxation
and balance emotions.


Improve clarity and focus on personal goals while enhancing intuition for making informed decisions, promoting healthier habits and lifestyle choices, and deepening connection.


Enhances awareness, removes blockages, and promotes the free flow of energy, facilitates the release of limiting beliefs and fear, encouraging a sense of inner harmony and balance.


Release stored trauma from the body, facilitating a sense of safety and trust in oneself and others, while creating a sense of wholeness and promoting emotional healing and resilience.

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KAP Level 2 facilitator - Stef Ungari

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