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10 Ways To Have Kundalini Activation Success

10 Ways To Have Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Success

Embarking on a Kundalini Alchemy Path (KAP) journey is a transformative experience that promises a release of tension, the movement of stagnant energy, and an overall feeling of lightness. 

While KAP is inherently safe and entirely natural, maximizing your experience requires careful consideration of a few key elements. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your KAP Session Journey With These Proven Tips

Whether you have yet to sign up for your first Kundalini Activation session or are someone who has already attended multiple KAP transmissions, this how-to blog post is for you. 

Get insight into details about what KAP is and go through the ten most important steps (plus a bonus step) you can take to prepare yourself for an optimized before, during, and after Kundalini Activation experience. 

With that said, let’s begin. 

1. Eat Light for Enhanced Energy Flow:

To fully prepare yourself for a KAP session, it’s essential to choose the right foods to eat beforehand. Instead of eating a heavy, meat-based meal the day of the transmission, opt for lighter options that won’t weigh you down or hinder digestion.

Consider incorporating fasting into your routine to enhance and intensify the effects of the KAP experience.

By giving your body time to process and eliminate food before the session, you’ll be able to fully focus on the transformative journey ahead.

2. Choose Comfortable Attire:

Dress in comfortable clothes that promote a sense of ease and freedom of movement.

Whether you find yourself dancing, stretching, or experiencing emotional releases being dressed comfortably, you create an environment conducive to surrendering to the transformative process of KAP.

3. Avoid Medications and Substances:

Minimize external influences by refraining from taking any medications (unless prescribed by a doctor and requires consistent use), alcohol, or drugs 24 hours prior to the session beginning.

KAP is a pure life force energy transmission, and committing to maintain a clean and unaltered vibrational environment enhances the transformative potential of the experience.

4. Yoga Mat Essentials:

Bring your own yoga mat to the KAP session if the studio doesn’t provide one. Opt for a comfortable, flat surface to avoid interference with the energy transmission and the natural release process.

Lying on an uneven surface inherently poses a certain level of distraction.

5. Unplug and Unwind:

Silence and put away your phone at least 30 minutes before the session.

Taking this break will help you disconnect from stress, thoughts, and news, allowing you to surrender and immerse in the KAP experience and its wonderful benefits more easily.

Scrolling through social media and reading the news takes us out of our bodies and into our minds, which can induce stressful thoughts that work against us and the Kundalini alchemy path. 

6. Keep Your Eyes Closed For Uninterrupted Energy Flow:

Ensure continuous energy transmission by keeping your eyes closed throughout the session, preventing any disruptions caused by opening your eyes during the process.

7. Release Expectations and Judgments:

Let go of expectations and judgments to allow vulnerability and true healing.

Surrender control by having an open mind to fully experience the benefits of the KAP session. Acknowledge and observe your thoughts instead of analyzing them.

8. Post-Session Self-Care:

After the KAP session, maintain a light diet and refrain from drugs or over-the-counter medications. Stay within your energy to kickstart the integration process effectively.

9. Establish Comfort and Trust:

Build a rapport with your facilitator and, if applicable, an assistant. This connection ensures a supportive environment during the integration phase of KAP.

10. Online Session Considerations:

For online sessions, ensure a smooth experience by having a reliable internet connection, a device capable of playing music, and a quiet, peaceful space.

Gradually adjust your device’s volume to your preference. Consider the presence of pets, but ensure they won’t distract you.

Bonus Step: Find a KAP facilitator Whom You Can Trust

It’s essential to find a Kundalini Activation facilitator with the proper training in this modality.

Unfortunately, it must be noted that not everyone who advertises KAP is formally trained in this modality and, therefore, may lack the accountability of being part of the official academy and upholding its guidelines. 

Conclusion: After You Attend a KAP Session

Follow your intuition and return for another session when you feel ready. 

Lastly and most importantly, trust the energy to guide you through this profound journey.

Ready To Begin Your Kundalini Activation Journey?

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries or to schedule your first in-person or online KAP session.

I am intentional about creating a safe and judgment-free environment for my students and look forward to helping you with your journey of self-discovery and expansion of consciousness.

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